The politics section has become a terrible place to post. It has become the norm to make other members the subject or posting, to post drive by one liner gotcha hashtags, or to try and "win" every conversation.

I will take the blame. I asked the mods to lay off, to apply the "big boy" lounge mentality as it's an opt in forum. That was a mistake. It has left us with a lot of complaints in threads, users that report the slightest perceived dig while performing blatant personal attacks, etc.

I have posted no less than three warnings in threads, but this will reach everyone involved. So, here it is.

Stop. Do better. Treat each other as you would a friend that you're having a political conversation with. Don't attack, don't belittle, don't mock, etcetera.

If the moderators feel you're attacking another member or a group of members you will lose your P&R privileges. You won't be banned for P&R conduct immediately, you'll lose P&R for increasing lengths of time, unless your conduct is extremely egregious.

So, everyone here has been warned. Any posts from here that a moderator feels are inappropriate will cost you your privileges for a week. If you can't handle P&R save the mods the trouble and opt out.

If you disagree with the mods decision PM me and we'll talk it out. Please folks, treat each other like friends and respected members of our little society.